About Sand Dragon Press

A few years ago we decided to start writing and making our own comics and stories. It has been slow going but with 2020, we decided to make it as positive. Taking a lesson from Shakespeare we worked on our writing and stories. Some of our friends did as well. Check them out on our publishing section.

In an effort to build revenue for editors and artists; we and family have donated items to sell to help with the production of our comics. All of the items sold will go toward our comics and writing.

We are always looking for artists for different projects!

Projects that we are working on to get into production.

Comfy Spot:
Is a children’s book based on our puppy. Anita is a black Chihuahua that loves to curl up into and under a warm blanket. Follow Anita as he looks for a comfortable spot to take a nap.

Reef, Secret of the Sea (working title):
A comic about a Merman! More info coming soon.
We are currently looking for a comic artist for this project. Artists must have strong skills drawing people and ocean life.

And so many others!
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Vincent was created by Aerokat and can be found at