Cindy Ramey

Cindy Ramey, also known as Aerokat or Poecat. She is the creator of the worlds and characters of Starfire Agency, Nightshift and HellKats.

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The government has special taskforces dedicated to the capture, study and protection from aliens, ghosts, vampires and all manner of things that go bump in the night.
The Starfire Agency is not one of those groups. They are a bunch of regular average everyday normal enthusiastic people with expertise and experience studying and fighting the paranormal.
In a world that wants to believe, they believe even harder.


Rating: 13+

Cage and Travis move back to the big city. Blending in is hard enough, but for a vampire it’s even more difficult.  What Cage and Travis don’t know is that NYPD Special Agents are on the lookout as crime has run rampant. 

Can Cage be a detective?

Can he keep his past in the past?

Rating: 16+

Vicco City. It seems to be the perfect place for the Hellkats to gather the souls of the damned for the benevolent angel of death, Suriel.

The story focuses on a daemonees and a nephilim that hate one another, but must work together to stop the apocalypse.


Rating: 16+