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Cage and Travis move back to the big city. Blending in is hard enough, but for a vampire it’s even more difficult.  What Cage and Travis don’t know is that NYPD Special Agents are on the lookout as crime has run rampant. 

Can Cage be a detective?

Can he keep his past in the past?


Rating: 16+

About each issue

Issues 1-4 collected in Nightshift Volume 1

NightShift Issue 1 Cover

Issue 1

The introduction of major cast characters. Everyone is on the road to get to a certain point. And what did Cage do to make him runaway again.

NightShift Issue 2 Cover

Issue 2

Some secrets need to remain buried and other secrets are nightmares. Roxy talks to Jack about her father and mother. Max and Panther have a knock out fist fight.

NightShift Issue 3 Cover

Issue 3

Cage and Travis are starting their new lives in New York City again. Cage gets canned from the Piggy Mart, but luckily finds a new job with the NYPD.

NightShift Issue 4 Cover

Issue 4

The badguys are even bad to their own. Or is it just fun and games? Carla dresses up like Roxy and sneaks into the NYPD hold to free Crowe.

NightShift Issue 5 Cover

Issue 5

When Cage meets Travis… his dull world of loneliness becomes interesting. Travis definitely has some issues that were brought on by his father.

Issues 5-9 collected in Nightshift Volume 2

NightShift Issue 6 Cover

Issue 6

Cage slowly opens up to Travis’ world and learns to have some fun. But also ends up exposing his and James’ secret.

NightShift Issue 7 Cover

Issue 7

Travis finds that Cage’s definition of fun is a bit more dangerous. But he gets what he wants and has to get used to it.

NightShift Issue 8 Cover

Issue 8

When things go wrong… they can go terribly wrong. Travis and Cage make a huge mistake and they take off.

NightShift Issue 9 Cover

Issue 9

Cage is faced with his demon as the story shifts back to the present. Find out what Cage and Travis did in the 1980’s.

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