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Two book set with Rats, Bats & Vats and The Rats, The Bats & The Ugly by Dave Freer and Eric Flint.

Both books are used, some shelf wear and multiple creases on the spine.

Rats, Bats & Vats has a tear on the spine cover.

Rats, Bats & Vats: Chip Connolly was a conscripted grunt in trouble: stuck behind enemy lines with a  bunch of cyber-uplifted rats and bats. Rats with human speech, but with priorities: sex, food and strong drink. And the bats were revolutionaries planning to throw off the human yoke-with high explosive.  Then there was the girl they’d rescued. Rich Beautiful. With a passionate crush on her “heroic” rescuer. Her entourage was a screwball Alien tutor, and a cyber-uplifted lemurlike pet galago with delusions of being the world’s greatest lover. Of course thing only got worse. Seven rats, five bats, a galago, two humans, a sea-urchin-like alien and an elderly vineyard tractor without brakes…against several million inimical aliens. He was going to die. Mind you, not dying could be even more terrible. That girl might get him.

The Rats, The Bats & The Ugly: Another zany tale of the planet Harmony & Reason, which is somewhat short of both at the moment, thanks to its hierarchical society and the invasion of the alien Korozhet. The victorious, vat-cloned Corporal Chip Connelly and his love, the Shareholder heiress Virginia (“Ginny”) Shaw, return to Bernard Shaw City and a welcome very different from what they expected. The authorities want to preserve the hierarchy by executing Chip and kidnapping Ginny. Fortunately, the uplifted (i.e., intelligent) bats and rats are on the job, complete with accents, and so are a good many lawyers.