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Set includes 3 book by the publisher Daw Books

Bodelan Way by Louis Trimble;  Margil was not exactly human. And she wasn’t exactly inhuman either. She was sort of feline, but you couldn’t quite call her a pussycat. She could be brilliant when she wanted to be. She could be moody. Her purr was deafening, her love-taps could bowl over an elephant, and her furies were of earthquake intensity. Lucky that her instructor in the ideals of peaceful unity, the Earthman Endo Leduc, was liked by her. Because the things he was teaching Margil went against the principles of Margil’s Bodelan home world and especially against the thoughts of her father – twice her size and many times more formidable. And it was lucky for the inhabited galaxy that Endo was where he was – because The Bodelan Way was rapidly undermining humanity’s grip on the stars-and Margil was the key to it all.

The Keeper’s Prince and Other Stories by Marion Zimmer Bradley and the Friends of Darkover;   Here are stories that span the whole of Darkover history-from the days after the original landfall, through the Ages of Chaos, the Pact of the Comyn, and the coming of the Terrans.

The Survivors by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Paul E. Zimmer;  Dane, Rianna and the monster Aratak … they were the survivors of the terrible hunt of the Red Moon. Where all other had failed, they had lived-to achieve fame and fortune and to find life in the starways unexpectedly colorless-until they were asked to check out a Closed World.  It’s a sequel to Bradley’s Hunters of the Red Moon, and it creates a world of wonder comparable to Darkover.