Impetuous R., Secret Agent by Conly


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Impetuous R., Secret Agent by Leslie Conly

Used, Like New        Has Dust Cover, some shelf wear.

For ages 8-12

Impetuous R., Secret Agent: Impetuous (Impy) Roach and his pals Shiny and Demo are pests. Or so the humans would have you think. They’re young roaches, after all. The adult roaches don’t seem to care much about their contributions either–at least not in important matters that concern the fate of their colony. But Pop’s Diner, the roaches’ only home for generations, is in danger of being shut down because of financial burdens, and Impy, Shiny, and Demo can’t help but butt in. It’s a good thing they do. The meddling of this tiny, pesky crew may just save the day in the end.