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The government has special taskforces dedicated to the capture, study and protection from aliens, ghosts, vampires and all manner of things that go bump in the night.
The Starfire Agency is not one of those groups. They are a bunch of regular average everyday normal enthusiastic people with expertise and experience studying and fighting the paranormal.
In a world that wants to believe, they believe even harder.


Rating: 13+

About each issue

Issues 1-5 collected in Starfire Agency Volume 1

Starfire Agency 1 PeocatComix

Issue 1

Alex arrives at the Starfire Agency. A paranormal club at Gemini University 

Starfire Agency 2 PeocatComix

Issue 2

Michael shares his disgust of the Madoc clan to his protector, Victor.

Starfire Agency 3 PeocatComix

Issue 3

Denver’s long history of alien abduction is more serious than he ever imagined.

Starfire Agency 4 PeocatComix

Issue 4

The gang travels back home and Alex gets a look into the world of vampires.

Starfire Agency 5 PeocatComix

Issue 5

My angel, my protector. Rachael makes contact with the winged wolf.

Issues 6-10 collected in Starfire Agency Volume 2

Starfire Agency Issue 6 Cover

Issue 6

Victor does something he shouldn’t do. He breaks Alex’s trust.

Starfire Agency Issue 7 Cover

Issue 7

The gang travel to an abandoned town that has been burning over 50 years.

Starfire Agency Issue 8 Cover

Issue 8

It’s halloween at Williams’ home in Salem. What kind of trouble will befall the gang?

Starfire Agency Issue 9 Cover

Issue 9

Zombies, witches and ghosts, oh my. What will Tucker do to help his friends.

Starfire Agency Issue 10 Cover

Issue 10

The full moon is out tonight. Rachael, Alex and Victor find themselves in a bind.

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